AcePerHead PPH Company Review

Cutting Edge Pay Per Head With A Smile

Every so often a company comes along with a well defined vision and the right plan to just pull it off. is that company. With ideas like “passion for the work”, “innovation”, and “listening to the customer”, it’s a refreshingly simple outlook that is often absent in the industry. The approach really sets itself apart from the pack.

Top Customer Service

The customer service offered by Premier is seldom seen in today’s industry. Most places take your money like a champ, then duck and run when the heavy lifting comes around. Things couldn’t be further from the truth with these guys. They aren’t just worried about getting you in the door. It’s obvious from the first conversation they have some of the most experienced managers in the business. Plus, they make themselves available via phone or various encrypted text messaging apps. Attention is accurate and prompt; an overall refreshing experience! But what’s really telling is they are a shop run by real bookies, so they understand their clientele down to the street level. That’s a real boost, especially for start-ups.

More Tools In The Tool Box

Premier’s agent backend is a thing of beauty. With a modern look, it’s also easy to navigate even though the number of agent reports and functions are a real eye-opener. Once you try it, you wonder how guys make do at other shops with less offerings. One tool that stands out is its “Beat The Line” feature, which allows an instant rundown of bet lines vs the closing number. It’s amazing the feature wasn’t thought of before. Another nice feature is the “Big Bet Alert”. This sends you emails or text messages for whatever bet amount you set. That sounds like a great tool for laying off your action. They also offer a classic look agent site, which is nice for those that don’t like change.

Lots Of Action

The crème de la crème is the best live betting platform in the industry. Built in-house, no other pay per head shop can offer the same international and mainland markets. A nice touch is their exclusive hole by hole betting on golf matchups. There really is no rival to this platform and given the industry trend toward live action, it’s a huge selling point for any agent. It’s no wonder they were awarded as “Best PPH Software” for both 2017 and 2018. That’s back to back for those keeping track! offers all that and pricing starts at $10 per head with discount rates available for larger accounts. Plus, all new accounts get a bonus of 4 free weeks. With everything they have to offer, this is the best pay per head site today on the market.

Call today to get started: 800-685-6409