Premier Pay Per Head Review

Premier Per Head seems to have managed to rise to the top echelon of Pay Per Head Services fairly quickly, but the truth is they have been involved on both sides of the industry for decades. So it comes as no surprise they have become the place for serious bookmakers as well as novices to trust with their business. has a combination of service and software that is simply unmatched in the wide array of companies to choose from. They are able to offer multiple software options, both ASI and DGS and have added even more features to both platforms. They also have multiple player and agent lay outs to choose from. Giving their agents as many options as possible has been a key to the success of Premier.

Largest Offering in the Pay Per Head industry, hands down

When we looked at the wagering options, we almost couldn’t believe it. They have literally thousands of Games, leagues props and futures that are put up and updated daily. They also have the most live wagering and casino options that we have seen. This is a unique feature of Premier that allows their agents to make the absolute most profit possible day in and day out. The agents also have the ability to hide certain leagues or props as well as set certain limits, which again provides as much options as possible.

Payment options and customer service

Premier likes to keep things simple. They feel that agents have enough to worry about, figuring out a way to pay for their service is the last thing they need to stress over. That’s why Premier provides the most payment options of any Pay Per Head service . You can pay for your service easily while keeping your security and peace of mind. They have been in your shoes before and know that this is a priority for any agent, large of small.
Another way Premier makes agents lives easier is their 24/7 customer service and support, which is handled by the most experienced staff in the business. You will never get a busy signal, or have to wait for an email or message to get a response. They provide phone, live chat, text, email and many other options to make themselves available for your every need. What more could you ask for?

Premier manages to offer all of this, and a lot more at a very competitive rate which makes them the best option for bookmaking agents of all sizes. Give them a call today at 1-800-685-6409 and you will be able to try their service and software for free. You and your bankroll will be happy you did.

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